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The Best Places to Buy Wholesale Incense


So, you're looking to buy a lot of incense.  Maybe you're just looking to bulk up your own supply.  Maybe you're looking to sell the incense to other people.  Whatever your reasons, wholesale incense pricing can vary and finding the right incense at good prices can be a bit of a challenge.  Here are some of the best places to buy wholesale incense.


Locally owned local stores may be able to get you a wholesale lot of incense with their next order, charging you only a small fee to ship it in and hold it for you.  This depends on the store owner, and most corporately owned locations won't help you obtain wholesale incense at all.


Beyond local stores, you can purchase wholesale incense online.  Locations like eBay can be good for starters, but that don't work as well when buying a variety of different incense brands or types, since shipping costs can stack up.  There are specialty websites where you can buy incense and save on shipping.  Some of these sites may also be able to negotiate a lower wholesale price if you're buying enough.


For those looking for very large wholesale incense lots, importing can be a viable option, but shipping can become costly, the fee for a customs broker, and what you pay will increase well beyond the cost of the items.  This is usually only a good idea if you're buying more than a thousand dollars of incense in a single lot.